Shipping & Returns

To alleviate any concerns, queries or uncertainties that you may have about purchasing from our website, we have detailed our Shipping and Returns Policy below for your convenience. Please read and understand the information included herein very carefully before placing an order to ensure that you are content with the manner in which it will be delivered, and if need be, the manner in which we deal with returned goods. Furthermore, it is important as a customer on this website that you familiarise yourself with our Terms & Conditions as well to develop your awareness of our policies and procedures.

What is Flat Rate delivery?

Our Flat Rate standard service delivers your item within 4-6 working days within Australia. Estimated delivery time will be affected by public holidays and orders submitted on weekends.

When will my package arrive?

Delivery times depend on where your package was sent from and where you are sending it to. We aim to deliver your package within 4-6 working days of you lodging it. You can also check with your local 'Australia Post' post office to confirm our regular package delivery times.

How much will my package cost to deliver?

The size, weight and distance your package has to travel will determine how much your item costs to deliver. As a gauge, the standard shipping cost at this time anywhere in Australia for a single item is $7.00 (AUD) which should only be used as an approximation of the true cost. We reserve the right to offer free shipping on orders that exceed predefined totals as part of our marketing strategy from time to time or as we see fit. Currently, all orders over $60.00 (AUD) receive free standard shipping.

What is your policy regarding returned goods?

Unfortunately, we cannot accept returns after 24 hours. Purchased products must be returned unopened for payment to be refunded or for store credit to be applied. The customer will be credited the purchase price only. The cost of returning the goods is placed solely upon the customer.

What happens if my product is damaged in transit?

If your product is damaged in transit, we would like to know about it. It is important to note that once the goods are given to the designated courier or delivery service, the liability for damage, theft or loss transfers to them. We hold our couriers and delivery companies to very high standards. To reconcile damage to a product and have your money returned, you must contact the courier or delivery service directly within 24 hours. Alternatively, if you send us an email within this time period, or contact us via our website contact page, we can certainly assist with this process.